We're men.  We think like men.  We sweat like men.

Ever find yourself pondering a problem and thinking, 'Why don't they...?'  Well, we asked the question about undershirts.  Then we did something about it.

Finally an undershirt, under your shirt.

Why spend good money on a wardrobe  only to ruin the look with an underarm stain or worse; the disheveled, uneven white collar of your undershirt?  If it was meant to be seen, it wouldn't be an undershirt

Collected Threads is growing rapidly and solving problems along the way.  Today we're tackling undershirts - tomorrow we'll find dark matter.

We want the pleasure of your business and we'll do what it takes to get us there.  Sure, every company has their pitch about customer service; we deliver.    Think there's a better way for us to handle your issue, complaint or return?  Got a problem we can solve? 

We're all ears.  Literally, look at the ears on that guy.