jT Undershirts vs. the Competition

  • Direct to you the customer, we can offer the same quality, invisible neck lines, and a significant discount
  • 30% off Calvin Klein Body Modal
  • 40% off Tommy John Second Skin
  • Almost 50% off Spanx Cotton Compression



jT Undershirts are Well Priced, but is it a Premium Line?


Absolutely.  We are selling direct to you, the backer, cutting out the middle man. That's how we can deliver designer level products at a great value. Longer term, we may go retail so lock in these prices while you can!  Plus, would we let you get this close to the product if it wasn't good?

 Designer Details.  Every jT Style Includes


  • Itch-free tagless neck label
  • Tuckable lengths (except jT-Compression.  You would not want this, believe you me)
  • Fitted or form cuts to reduce baggage under your shirt
  • Combed cottons and blends that are organically treated for maximum softness
  • Low key, sewn in jT label on bottom left.  Trust us, you'll get tired of answering the same question in the locker room: "Where did you get that awesome undershirt?" Just point to the label, fellas.