Men's Visible Undershirt Problem Solved

Why spend good money on a work or club shirt only to spoil the look with the disheveled, distracting, uneven white collar of your undershirt?  Don't be a V. Can the crew - however we need to convince you, your undershirt is bringing your fashion down with it.  If it was meant to be seen, we wouldn't call it an undershirt.



The jT Advantage



  • Itch-free tagless neck label
  • Tuckable lengths (except jT-Compression.  You would not want this, believe you me)
  • Fitted or form cuts to reduce baggage under your shirt
  • Combed cottons and blends that are organically treated for maximum softness
  • Low key, sewn in jT label on bottom left.  Trust us, you'll get tired of answering the same question in the locker room: "Where did you get that awesome undershirt?" Just point to the label, fellas.


Absolutely.  Would we let you get this close to the product if it wasn't good?  We have lower overhead and that's how we can deliver designer level products at a great value.  


Ok jT, I'm Sold!  What's My Size?


  • jT Compression is real compression, that means tight enough to cinch you in.  Please do not size down.  Not offered in Small.
  • jT Modal is quite stretchy.  Sizing down will not constrict and will still have plenty of length to stay tucked.  
  • XXL and larger men - We would like to develop these styles in larger sizes eventually and perhaps we make it a stretch goal during this campaign.  Today, however,  the XL modal will stretch to fit a 2X male or larger.


jT is Confidence

Men derive confidence from the clothing we wear, and the undershirt is the foundation of men's fashion.  It keeps us dry and preserves the life of our shirts.  

  • Tired of the crew-neck college look? 
  • Find yourself tugging at today's V-necks to keep them hidden? 
  • Go without an undershirt to maintain a natural, open collar style? 

NO other undershirt line on the market is this focused on your finished look.